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Management Training… Compliance Training… Professional Development…

Whatever the name and whatever the reason for it, at its core the goal’s the same – have someone learn something and be able to retain and apply what they’ve learned. At Arc Human Capital, LLC we believe in “the transfer of training”. That what’s discussed in the classroom, be it an actual classroom or a virtual one, must be easily transferable back to work and used for the betterment of the organization! But training isn’t always the solution to the problem, and that’s why our trainers will work with you before the sessions we deliver to understand your challenges, motivations, goals, and long-term plans. In this way we provide the best possible experience for students, instructors, and organizations alike.

Some of the courses available include:

Facilitating Improved Performance * Reinforcing Effective Performance * Problem Solving * Behavioral Interviewing Conflict Management * Supporting Service Excellence * Managing Change * Decision Making * Harassment Prevention Workplace Ethics * Termination Best Practices * Hiring for Success * FMLA Compliance * Performance Management

Special related offerings include:

Executive Retreats and Task Force Facilitation * Executive Level Coaching * Keynotes and Presentations

360 Degree Leadership Assessments * Customized Surveys * Tailored executive level offerings

Some of the organizations our trainers have assisted include:

Hyatt Hotels * American Red Cross * George Mason University * The US Navy * Pepsi-Cola * Discovery Channel * Cvent World Bank * Society for Human Resource Management * American Society of Clinical Oncology * SRA International   Food and Drug Administration (FDA) * City of Alexandria, Virginia * American Diabetes Association

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For organizations with remote/teleworking employees or multiple locations across different time zones, sessions can also be delivered via webinar. This helps ensure all team members have the opportunity to learn the same materials from the same source. The effectiveness of learning and development efforts is maximized when everyone has an opportunity to participate and organizations see the greatest benefit for their compliance or performance expectations when everyone is on the same page.

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