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Workplace Dynamics has been in business for 26 years providing full-service EEO and Affirmative Action consulting services to government contractors and subcontractors of all sizes and industries.

If you are looking for any of the following services, contact Workplace Dynamics

Working in the DC metro area, we’ve come across many government contractors in need of compliance support in setting up an affirmative action program.  We are happy to announce our strategic alliance with Workplace Dynamics LLC. 

Watch this space to learn about alliances Arc Human Capital has forged with other companies who also provide services we believe will be valued by our clients. Come here to learn who will help us, help you! And remember, tell them where you found them!

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  • ​Help developing your Affirmative Action Plans and communicating the results,
  • Assistance in setting up compliant programs, policies and processes,
  • OFCCP audit support, or
  • Knowledgeable experts to help you understand and implement the intricacies of the latest legal requirements.

In March of 2016 Arc Human Capital LLC Founder Adam Calli signed the agreement to become a member of the new Lytle EAP Partners HR Consultants Network.

Delivering HR and Organizational Consulting that develops organizational well-being

Founded in 1980 originally to provide EAP services, the capabilities and offerings of the organization have broadened greatly since then, now to include HR Consulting services. This will fit well with their other existing capabilities in Talent Lifecycle Coaching, Critical Incident Response, and Wellness among many others.

The Lytle EAP core values are Excellence – Superior service at all times, Integrity – Steadfast adherence to honest and ethical principles, and Compassion – Understanding of the human condition with a commitment to respond empathetically. Lytle’s stated goals include “supporting all human beings to live and work as comfortably, healthfully and happily as possible in healthy, thriving and profitable businesses”

For more information on Lytle EAP Partners and their full range of capabilities click here:  To learn about the HR and Organizational Consulting Network, visit