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Human capital gets you to the peak of your arc.

We keep you there.

Training and Development:
Management and Leadership Training
Professional Development
Orientation & Onboarding
Curriculum Development & Train the Trainer

HR Operations:
HR Staff Recruiting, Selection, Coaching, and Mentoring
HR Leadership Transition
Vendor Selection Assistance
HRIS Systems Selection Support
Integrated Performance Management Systems

Employee Relations:
Employee Engagement Surveys
Reward & Recognition Programs
Employee Communications Plans
Team Building & assessments (MBTI, DISC, HBDI)

Incident Investigations
Employee Terminations
Business Start-ups
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and volunteerism programs

Are you a start up looking to build scalable infrastructure to grow your business? Or an established entity seeking temporary outside support for a specialized need?  Maybe you’re a Human Resources professional with more on your to-do list than time “to do”? If you need to address any of the following items let Arc Human Capital, LLC meet with you to discuss your needs. During a confidential, no-obligation meeting, we’ll identify your biggest priorities and potential solutions!

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Recruiting Strategy:
Social Media Marketing/Employer Branding
Development of Position Descriptions
Internship Program Development & Implementation

Human Capital Strategy Development:
Confidential CEO Consultation
HR Strategic Plan Development and Implementation
Change Management
Human Capital SWOT Analysis
Human Capital Metrics and Analytics
Workforce Assessment and Planning
        Succession/Transition Planning
        Growth/Diversification Planning

Employee Handbooks
Policy Development
​Affirmative Action Plans, ​development of compliant supporting programs, policies and processes, and HR staff training

Compliance Audits:
      Record keeping/Retention