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Human capital gets you to the peak of your arc.

We keep you there.

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Examples of the positions we’ve recruited for:

VP   Director   Assistant Director   Manager   Generalist   Coordinator   Assistant  

And specialties such as Recruiting & Training practitioners

We’re HR professionals hiring HR professionals, and together we’ll select the best candidate for your needs!

As part of Arc Human Capital’s suite of services, we work with our clients to source, interview, and select the best candidates to join their HR teams. We can do this better than a traditional recruiter because we have been, and ARE, HR practitioners. We know the skills and competencies it takes to be successful, and are able to probe beyond the resume to ensure we make the right match. When we recruit for you, we help you hire the same high caliber talent we’d want working with us!


When we provide recruiting support for our clients, it’s for HR positions and ONLY for HR positions.

As your Human Capital Consultant, we can provide ongoing coaching and mentoring to your HR team which is made even more effective since we’ve recruited key team members!

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Our Recruiting Process:

Phase 1 - Completion of a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) between Client and AHC

Phase 2 – AHC works with Clients’ HR and/or Hiring Manager(s) to conduct a thorough review of the job description

Phase 3 – AHC commences efforts to source candidates

Phase 4 – AHC conducts initial phone screenings and then in depth phone or Skype interviews with promising candidates

Phase 5 – AHC conducts in person interviews with top prospects 

Phase 6 – AHC submits best candidates to Client for internal interviews and background checks

Phase 7 (Optional) – AHC drafts and delivers offer letters and related documents to finalist