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News update 3-26-19

Should you run a credit check on a prospective hire?
Arc Human Capital Founder Adam Calli was the primary quoted source in a recent article about employers taking a job candidate’s credit history into consideration. In the article posted Feb. 12, 2019, Adam notes the circumstances when an employer might find conducting a financial background check useful and also points out how the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) comes into play. Do you need help navigating the requirements of the FCRA? Contact Arc Human Capital!

2019 News 

What are your big HR worries for 2019?
In the article Violence, Drugs, Cyberattacks Worry HR in 2019 on the SHRM website, posted January 15th, 2019 Arc Human Capital founder Adam Calli comments about the multitude of leave laws facing multi-site employers as well as finding the right people for the right jobs. The article is available here:  If you’d like to talk with Arc Human Capital about dealing with the challenges facing your organization this year, please contact us here!

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News update 1-20-19

News update 2-12-19

How does your company ensure hiring managers work with the HR department?
Adam Calli’s expertise has been in high demand so far this year! In “How to Convince Hiring Managers to Work with HR,” posted March 26 at, our principal consultant encourages HR departments to work positively with hiring managers and develop credibility: avoid being “the department of No.” If you're looking for an HR team to partner with your operations/hiring managers, contact Arc Human Capital.