Did You Know? You got the memo right? The world is changing, and faster than ever! This You Tube video has interesting facts about Digital World and Information Technology (IT) evolution and the changes in society.

The Gig Economy Then and Now: What You Need to Know to Maximize the Benefits of a Flexible Workforce

In November of 2016 Principal Consultant Adam Calli delivered another webcast for the Human Capital Institute (HCI) on how the changing world of work, known as the gig economy, can provide great benefits to organizations, and the potential challenges organizations may face as they try to reap those rewards.

A free “community membership” is necessary to view the webinar, but there’s a lot of other great content available after you sign up, most of which is approved for continuing education credits for professional HR certification holders! Enjoy, and please share your comments after viewing!

If after watching the webinar you’d like to discuss how tapping the talents available through the gig economy can improve your own organizational capability, contact us at info@archumancapital.com!

Bridging the Skills Gap: Workforce Development is Everyone's Business​ - Co-authored by a former learning and development colleague from our Founder’s tenure with Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, this whitepaper from the Association for Talent Development (ATD, formerly ASTD) addresses the challenge many organizations are facing namely when there is a significant gap “between the organization’s current capabilities and the skills it needs to achieve its goals and meet customer demand”.

The Employer Handbook Blog - Employment law wisdom served with a side of wit! Just how I like it! If you want to keep up on the latest employment law developments from Congress or Courts subscribe to this blog. It won’t disappoint!

Career Development Builds Talent Retention

As a proud member of the new Lytle EAP HR Consultants network, it was an honor when Arc Human Capital Founder Adam Calli was asked to be a guest blogger for the initial blog post of the new program! For those interested in a quick and entertaining read about career development, you can read the post here

And for your viewing pleasure…

Culture eats strategy for lunch! Spend two minutes and 24 seconds on You Tube watching this. If you have a strategic plan, and want a culture to support it, it’ll be well worth the time!

DDI Global Leadership Forecast survey – Go ahead, try to be successful without good leaders and tell us how easy it is! This insight from Development Dimensions International (DDI) tells you what other CEOs, HR professionals, and managers themselves are thinking! Find out what they all need and compare it to your organization!

Towers Watson Global Workforce Study - What are your workers thinking anyway??? From one of the leaders in our field! “The 2014 Global Workforce Study provides a detailed view into the attitudes and concerns of workers around the globe. This year's study, which covers responses from over 32,000 employees across a range of industries in 26 markets, is part of a larger research initiative designed to capture employee and employer perspectives on the emerging trends and issues shaping the global workplace”.

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Manpower global talent shortage survey  - Why the heck can’t you find the talent you need?? Well you ain’t the only one asking that question! Nor are you the only one suffering from a lack of enough of the right people with the right skills. For a lot of great insight into the problem, check this out:

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