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In their 2016 Global Human Capital Trends report, Deloitte defined Culture as “the way things work around here" and Engagement as “how people feel about the way things work around here”.
To guide organizations in understanding “the way things work” at their organization and the impact it can have on the way “people feel about the way things work” in their organization, in the new anthology Cultivating Culture from Red Letter Publishing, Arc Human Capital Founder and Principal Consultant Adam Calli and his 13 coauthors each explore corporate culture from a different angle such as “Strong Corporate Cultures Aren’t Accidents”, “The Art and Science of Cultivating a Great Culture”, “Follow the Leader: A Roadmap for Cultivating and Maintaining a Positive Organizational Culture” and Adam’s own chapter entitled “Internal Mobility: Embedded in Culture, Driven by Data”.
Readers will learn that “Great cultures are created by design—and maintained by consistent work”, that “Innovation depends on a culture that thinks” because “Change is inevitable, but growth is optional” that “Purpose, Passion, and Prowess” of our leaders is important for many reasons including its impact on our cultures and finally from Adam that internal mobility programs are “…a way to provide staff an opportunity to move
throughout your organization which does more than just provide career growth for the person moving. It also provides an opportunity to reinforce your culture and demonstrate your values by committing to your team…”

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