What is your company’s stance on workplace drug testing?
If it’s zero tolerance, that might be worth reconsidering!

Promote Your People, Promote Your Culture!
Featured in the just released summer/fall edition of Virginia Human Resources
Today, the official publication of Virginia State SHRM, Arc Human Capital
Founder and Principal Consultant Adam Calli is extremely proud to have
authored the article, Promote Your People, Promote Your Culture!
On page 21 readers will find an exploration of why no employee promotion
decision should ever be made without considering the message that will be
sent to other employees about the importance of the organizational culture.
Interested readers can find the article here

Arc Human Capital founder Adam Calli, received an early Christmas present last

November when he was invited by the Eastern Panhandle SHRM chapter to present for them in 2018! In fact, he received two presents, because he’ll be reprising his session from the Maryland state SHRM conference called Look Inward: How to Use Data to Identify Opportunity & Drive Internal Mobility on January 10th and then he’ll return to the West Virginia panhandle on Valentine’s day with his co-authors from the Anthology Cultivating Culture to present a session on employee engagement! Further information is available here: https://ep.shrm.org/events
Hope to see you there!

2018 News 

News update 1-4-18

News update 1-4-18

In the article Rethinking Zero Tolerance on Drugs in the Workplace on the SHRM
website, posted December 5, 2017 Arc Human Capital founder Adam Calli contributes some thoughts to helps guide readers on steps to take and things to consider. The article is available here: - https://www.shrm.org/ResourcesAndTools 

If you’d like to talk with Arc Human Capital about drug testing in your organization, please contact us here!

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Where does your company stand on non-compete agreements?

​News update 1-4-18

News update 9-7-18

In the December 2017/January 2018 edition of SHRM’s HR Magazine you’ll find an excellent article on page 63, entitled Rethinking Non-compete Agreements which includes a quotation from Arc Human Capital founder Adam Calli. The article explores the pros and cons of these agreements, along with different ways to approach them. Also available on SHRMs’ website under Are non-compete agreements right for you? the article can be found here: https://www.shrm.org/hr-today/news/ you’re considering a non-compete agreement and have questions after reading this article, please contact us here!